I’m not motivated to work

Why am I not motivated?

Today I wanted to write an article about my favorite topic how to reduce stress as a founder. BUT it didn’t work, I was not creative, no idea sparked my motivation and my interest. I was getting more and more frustrated, a “millisecond discussion” started within my inner Team.

-“why are you not motivated?” -“don’t know” -“why you don’t look in your books, the internet, articles or your notes?” -“tried everything, it doesn’t work -“I wish I could be a great writer” -“I will find something, give me some time”

I spent the last days with self-love and energy work and it was a wonderful experience, so why should I start the working day with such a feeling. It left me with a shitty feeling, to be honest.

How to get motivated to work, a very simple hack.

As I refused to accept the situation, I changed my questions, instead of asking “Why I’m not motivated” to “What motivated me”.

I focused on “what” instead of “why”, “what was I doing in last days? what sparked my interest? what gave me joy?

Bam, here we are – me writing an article about stress reduction and enjoying it.

What changed my motivation?

As Mindful Leadership Expert, I know we have these “millisecond conversations”, which we don’t see as a threat and don’t pay attention, but they are small stones you put in your backpack. Single by single they increase the weight, become a burden and before you know you have a heavy bag of stones you carrying around with you.

I’m not sure how you feel about this, but I don’t want to carry a bag of stones around and I guess neither you.

These stones become patterns, beliefs and start to go into your “autopilot” system. They will impact everything you do before you are aware, you will have habits you dislike, even worse they will reduce your mental health.

A new study from psychologists at Queen’s University, Canada reports observations of the transition from one thought to another in brain scans. Referred to as “thought worms,” the team says that the average human has 6,200 thoughts per day.

No worries you don’t need to observe all 6200 thoughts and make adjustments, just the ones you are worried about and the ones leaving you with a shitty feeling!

Whenever you have such a conversation, it is a signal and you should pay attention.

So now go big and make the transformation, I BELIEVE IN YOU!